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  • Data Warehousing Concepts
  • Data Warehousing (what/Why/How)
  • Data Modeling(Schemas, FACTS and DIMENSIONS)
  • Slowly Changing Dimensions
  • Metadata

Power Center Components and User Interface

  • Power Center Architecture
  • Power Center Client Tools
  • Lab – Using the Designer and Workflow Manager

Source Qualifier

  • Source Qualifier Transformation Lab Project Overview
  • Lab A – Load Payment Staging Table Source qualifier Joins
  • Lab B – Load Product Staging Table Source Pipelines
  • Lab C – Load Dealership and Promotions Staging Table and Real time issues

Expression, Filter, File Lists and Workflow Scheduler

  • Expression Editor Filter Transformation File Lists
  • Workflow Scheduler
  • Lab – Load the Customer Staging Table and Real time issues

Joins, Features and Techniques

  • Joiner Transformation Shortcuts
  • Lab A – Load Sales Transaction Staging Table
  • Lab B – Features and Techniques I and Real time issues

Lookups and Reusable Transformations

  • Lookup Transformation
  • Reusable Transformations
  • Lab A – Load Employee Staging Table
  • Lab B – Load Date Staging Table and Real time issues


  • Debugging Mappings
  • Lab – Using the Debugger

Sequence Generator

  • Sequence Generator Transformation
  • Lab – Load Date Dimension Table and Real time issues

Lookup Caching, More Features and Techniques

  • Lookup Caching
  • Lab A – Load Promotions Dimension Table
  • Lab B – Features and Techniques II Review and more Lab Activities and Real time issues

Router, update Strategy and Overrides

  • Router Transformation
  • Update Strategy Transformation Expression Def ault Values
  • Source Qualifier Override Target Override
  • Session Task Mapping Overrides
  • Lab – Load Employee Dimension Table and Real time issues

Dynamic Lookup and Error Logging

  • Dynamic Lookup
  • Error Logging
  • Lab – Load Customer Dimension Table

Unconnected Lookup, Parameters and Variables

  • Unconnected Lookup Transformation System Variables
  • Mapping Parameters and Variables Lab – Load Sales Fact Table

Sorter, Aggregator and Self-Join

  • Sorter Transformation
  • Aggregator Transformation
  • Active and Passive Transformations Data Concatenation
  • Self –Join
  • Lab-Reload the Employee Staging Table and Real time

SCD type1 – LAB
SCD type2 – LAB
SCD type3 – LAB


  • Mapplets
  • Lab – Load Product Daily Aggregate Table
  • Review and more Lab Activities and Real time issues

Workflow Variables and Tasks

  • Link Conditions
  • Workflow Variables Assignment Task Decision Task
  • Email Task
  • Lab – Load Product Weekly Aggregate Table

More Tasks and Reusability

  • Event Raise Task Event Wait Task Command Task Reusable Tasks
  • Reusable Session Task
  • Reusable Session Configuration

Worklets and More Tasks

  • Worklets and More Tasks
  • Worklets Timer Task
  • Control Task
  • Lab – Load Inventory Fact Table


Very well organized and conceived. By following the course, I was able to learn and build on the concepts with minimal questions or frustration. It taught me what I was looking to learn, was well organized, and well-paced. I’m already applying what I learned at work.


The practical exercises were useful in offering ‘hands on’ experience. The interactive atmosphere and live examples used for illustration were refreshing.


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